Veronica Charnell

Don’t Get Burned Out from Social Media

Now is not the time to stop building your platforms

Do you have a minute…

I agree with you.

Honestly, I do.

Social Media is a big deal. Social Media is just as big as cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for 25 plus people in…

Shamari DeVoe member of Certified Platinum Pop/ R&B Group Blaque said The Entertainment Industry Needs More Women Empowerment.

Shamari DeVoe is an American Actress, Singer-Songwriter, and Reality TV Star. She is mostly known as the lead singer of the iconic R&B group Blaque. What the world does not know about…

Two Time Author Dwight Buckner Talks About His New Book and Breaking the Cycle of Lust

Two Time Author Dwight Buckner Talks about the Importance of Building the Core of Man in his new book Five Things Every Man Needs.

Pastor Dwight Kevin Buckner, Jr, affectionately known on social media…

It is really happening, the world is finally returning back to normal. People are beginning to shelve their sweats and rediscover the joys of dressing up.

And tights are no exception.

In fact, high-quality tights are the building blocks of stylish workwear lending sleekness and polish to any look. …

Mac Solomon said, “My only regret is that I wish I could have had the information I have now, so I could have started sooner.”

Mac Solomon, former athlete, young entrepreneur, and ambitious fitness trainer known for helping others get fit and for making every class feel more like a…

Veronica Charnell

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